Aalia was born in Britain, just around the time when Gilforn discovered Ilshenar.

The World was a different place back then.



Ice Island was a lovely place, Aalia's Friend BALDUR ran the Shop and Aalia worked hard on the Runebooks.

Around the same time she ran into Goodman, both sharing the passion for the magic of runes. A close friendship developed between the two.

Right after the discovery of the Isles of Tokuno, Baldur had to leave the lands of Britannia. And even Hendrich left the shores of Britannia, leaving his love behind....

Aalia had to find herself a new home. She packed up her Runebooks and found refuge with Smaug, a good friend.





Aalia has truely been blessed over the years. To have met so many great and loving people. She founded a small guild that she keeps with only the closest friends.

Saldy many have moved on over the years, but will allways be remembered fondly.

And if they ever decide to return there is allways a place open for them... 

There is not much to say about her early Childhood, just that she had to grow up without parents.

Surviving only by scavenging what others discarded as trash. Aalia spent her Days with her best frind Hendrich, they became very close and even taked about marriage. One day, Aalia and Hendrich met a nice Fella named TEX when they where out mining... and both joined his Guild. Spending many hours at the small marble LDI Guildhouse behind the Britain Cemetery. She was even able to supply a couple of vendors there.

Finally after some hard years, she had enough money saved up to buy her first own little house.

A Villa just below Britain along the shores of the Ocean. Aalia started her first little shop in there, selling handcrafted Goods to eager Customers. This little Villa also hosted the first Runebooks Aalia had created. Hendrich helped her stocking the Vendors, but more and more he longed for battle and fame.

After the dark Age of Shadows Aalia had to sell her beloved little Villa, Customers got less and less....

She moved her treasured Runebooks into a dear friend’s house on Ice Island. Aalia named her collection the Winterbreeze Library.

She was delivered the terrible news of Lord Goodmans passing on a beautiful Summer morning. It was just to much to bear and Aalia packed a sachel and left Britannia for a while. Her friend Avenhaar took over the care of the Books.

About a year later Avenhar met a very special someone.
Andrasta... Goodmans closest friend. Aalia had never gotten the chance to meet her so Avenhar summond her and out of it came a one of a kind friendship.

Aalia finally mastered the Art of Animal taming around that time, earning the Title of Legendary Tamer. One could easily pick her out of the Crowd at Britain Bank if in need of a new Companion, since she always wore the same purple Garments.....

.....Until that evening not to long ago, when a magic Spell went terribly wrong; draining Aalia of all her energy.

She was able to recover swiftly but her Hair stayed white as a constant reminder, that there are forces out there better left alone.....



Waiting patiently Aalia was able to acquire one piece of land after another around the Main Library, and when Smaug left Britannia for Camelot she expanded the Library Building into a little Library Village. 

Winterbreeze Village was born.

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