Winterbreeze Main Library

The Main Library is located right in front of the Yew Sheep pen. 
There are also several Stable Masters inside the Sheep pen for accsess to your pets.

It offers many services free to use for everyone:

  1. Ankh to ressurect
  2. Good Luck Statue
  3. Ancestral Gravestone
  4. Arcane Circle
  5. Full set of Dye Tubs with dyes
  6. Lockpick traning Station
  7. Detect Hidden training Station
  8. Sherry the Mouse Towncrier
  9. Board game Room
  10. House teleporters to Goodmans Rune Library & the Lore Museum
  11. Crystal Portal
  12. Mailbox

Winterbreeze also has a huge Selection of Runebooks & Guides:

  • City Runes for Trammel, Felucca, Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur
  • Dungeon Runes for Trammel, Felucca, Malas, Tokuno and Ter Mur
  • Treassure Map Runes for Trammel and Felucca
  • Unique Places for Trammel, Felucca, Malas and Tokuno
  • Historic Locations of Atlantic
  • Monster and Animal Runebook Set
  • Skill Gain Runebooks
  • Semi Rare and Daily Rare Spawn Location Runebooks

The Library is added to and updated frequently, so check back often.

Winterbreeze Quest Library 

The Quest Library is located to the left of the Main Building and features all of the current Quest Runes.

  1. Baskets with Guidebooks and Hints to lead you through the Quests
  2. Current Events and Quests running on the Atlantic Shard
  3. Quest Rune Books to guide you through the Quests step by step

Runebooks :

Legacy Quests:

  • The Ant Quests Trammel
  • The Ant Quests Felucca
  • The Collector's Quest
  • The Golden Skull Quest
  • The Hag Quest Trammel
  • The Hag Quest Felucca

Virtue Quests:

  • The Humility Cloak Quest
  • The 8 Virtue Quests

Heartwood Quests:

  • Crafting Quests
  • Sachel and Strongbox Quests
  • Dungeon Quests

Mondains Legady Quests:

  • Human Heritage Quest Trammel
  • Human Heritage Quest Felucca
  • Elven Heritage Quest Trammel
  • Elven Heritage Quest Felucca
  • Museum, Library & Zoo Collection Roints Trammel
  • Museum, Library & Zoo Collection Points Felucca
  • Library Quest
  • Dungeon Quests

New Haven Quests:

  • Accelerated Skill Gain Quests
  • New player Quests
  • Sachel Quests

Current Event Quests

Winterbreeze School of Arts and Crafts

The School of Arts and Crafts is located to the right of the Main Library.

It provides the Crafters with all the essentials:

  1. Runes for recource Gathering
  2. Guides to work your Crafting Skill
  3. Public Dye Tubs
  4. Public forges, Anvils, Looms, Spinning wheels, Flowermills, Ovens and a Soulforge

Winterbreeze is proud to present:

  • Trammel & Felucca Mining Caves
  • Recource Shopping Runes
  • Trammel & Felucca High Yield Ore Spawns
  • Felucca Forges
  • Safe Lumberjacking Runes
  • Trammel High Yield Wood Runes
  • Sand Mining Runes
  • Crafter Necesseties Runebooks
  • Leather Spawn Runes
  • Harvest Runes

Winterbreeze Chapel 

The Chapel is located behind the 3 Libraries and open to everyone.

Decorations vary with seasons

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